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How the Cell Phone Dismantled Fraternal Organizations…

With everyone going nuts over the release of the new iPhone5, I thought it would be a good time to write a post about the tenuous relationship between fraternal organizations and our handheld computers we sometimes use to make phone … Continue reading

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A Quick Reflection on Technology…

In a matter of minutes, I had my entire itinerary planned for my cross country trip to my new home of Tampa, FL.  A few strokes on the key board, clicks of the mouse, and online payments using my credit … Continue reading

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What Does a “LIKE” Really Mean?

I am not a huge fan of Facebook and I am not scared to admit it.  I really only have an account anymore because of my job and some volunteer work I do.  I help manage our office Facebook page, … Continue reading

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My Conversation with Eric Stoller…

I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Eric Stoller recently (02.06.12) and chat about student affairs, technology, and the future.  You may know Eric from his Student Affairs and Technology blog with insidehighered.com or his tweets from @EricStoller in … Continue reading

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Why You May Want to Start Cultivating Your Google+ Account.

Google has been in the news quite a bit recently because of its stance against SOPA/PIPA, its new privacy policy, and “Search Plus Your World.”  SOPA/PIPA are flatlining and hopefully will not recover.  The privacy policy was pretty much happening already … Continue reading

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