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Life has a funny way of working out.  You establish plans and they don’t always go the way we think.  That is what keeps life interesting.  Things happen that are out of our control, and that is okay.  It is … Continue reading

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Frustrations with the Process…

One of my favorite quotes is from a webinar that I saw in my first professional position.  Though I do not remember the topic, I distinctly remember the host Gary Pavela saying, “It is not the exceptional failure that is … Continue reading

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Why You May Want to Start Cultivating Your Google+ Account.

Google has been in the news quite a bit recently because of its stance against SOPA/PIPA, its new privacy policy, and “Search Plus Your World.”  SOPA/PIPA are flatlining and hopefully will not recover.  The privacy policy was pretty much happening already … Continue reading

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