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B&D 9-11: The Political Frame

In taking the self-assessment, I was shocked that the Political Frame was my second highest percentile (70-79%), but upon reading the description and delving into the chapters, it makes far more sense. In my initial reflection, I felt the reason … Continue reading

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I am on the mailing list for Senator Marco Rubio, since I am one of his constituents and feel a need to be informed about his actions.  His organization recently sent an email stating they were behind their first quarter … Continue reading

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Separation of Church and State?

I was raised Catholic.  I attended private Catholic school from K-3 and high school.  Over time, I have strayed from religion as I continued to discover paradoxes in Catholicism.  I explored some other religions (Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism in particular) … Continue reading

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America has a problem.  The aftermath of the verdict is another stone on the pathway to our devolution as a nation.  The actual verdict is not what I am alluding to but a failure to engage in true dialogue around … Continue reading

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