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Resolutions Check-In 2…

Well, I am already failing, but for good reason.  On March 18, 2017, I became engaged and could not be happier about continuing our lives with one another.  If only the wedding would plan itself… 😦 Run 1000 miles – I … Continue reading

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I am on the mailing list for Senator Marco Rubio, since I am one of his constituents and feel a need to be informed about his actions.  His organization recently sent an email stating they were behind their first quarter … Continue reading

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Resolutions Check-In 1…

January went pretty well.  A quick recap of how things went… Run 1000 miles – still have one more day but hit 88 so far. On pace for 1056 at this rate. Read at least 2 books a month – … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Thought..

I quick reflection about today… We are all imperfect vessels.  That does not alter what we are capable of doing and how we can impact change.  It means we must reflect on and acknowledge our shortcomings, yet continuously strive for … Continue reading

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It seems that every year, I renew a commitment to write more often in this space.  Year after year, I have a few posts early on and then things peter out over time.  This year will hopefully be different, but … Continue reading

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Balance… One of the struggles I have being in higher education is the balance of being political and outspoken on particular national topics and issues, especially through social media. Every day, I scroll through numerous posts, photos, and tweets from friends, … Continue reading

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Cultural Competency Pursuit Capstone (Part 7)

Intersectionality and Privilege. My various identities do not operate in a vacuum.  There are times and places in my life that certain identities resonate more than others.  When I have changed geographic locations from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest to … Continue reading

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