Resolutions Check-In 1…

January went pretty well.  A quick recap of how things went…

  • Run 1000 miles – still have one more day but hit 88 so far. On pace for 1056 at this rate.
  • Read at least 2 books a month – Done!
    • Experience & Education – John Dewey
    • Made to Stick – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
    • I have also included a lot of articles in the mix. The vast majority are based on what has been happening in current politics.  All in all about 50 this month.
  • Travel abroad – Thanks to the NFL’s attempts to extend abroad it seems my first destination will be London in September.
  • Apply to a program to acquire a terminal degree – Scheduling my GRE test for this month.
  • Get back down to 185 and stay there – I have been weighing myself once a week and keeping track of calories. So far, 8 lbs closer to this goal.
  • Donate at least $25 to non-profit groups 1x a month – This month was the HRC and I am officially a member.  This upcoming month will likely be the ACLU.
  • Reduce debt by at least 1/3 and hopefully 1/2 – some progress but I would like to make more.  Working to re-organize some loans and payments to assist with the process overall.
  • Post a blog entry at least every 2 weeks – January worked out well.  This is #1 for February.  Will likely post something on the immigration ban EO because of my experience with INS, CBP, SEVIS, and HiEd.

Let’s keep this going…


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