It seems that every year, I renew a commitment to write more often in this space.  Year after year, I have a few posts early on and then things peter out over time.  This year will hopefully be different, but no promises.  I figure one of the best ways to hold myself accountable is by putting my 2017 resolutions/goals out there for all (whoever still follows this) to see.  So here we go…

  • Run 1000 miles – Averaging 19.25 per week will get me there.  I was close two years ago.  Time to hit that milestone.  I have some races that will assist in hitting this mark.  Nothing more than a half marathon.  I still don’t see the need to go that far.
  • Read at least 2 books a month – I used to be a voracious reader.  Time to revisit that part of me.  I have gotten caught up in streaming services, and I let reading fall to the wayside.  Need to keep learning and expanding my knowledge.
  • Travel abroad – I am 33 and finally got a passport.  It is time to explore and see the world.  I have seen most of the United States.  There is so much more out there to see and experience.
  • Apply to a program to acquire a terminal degree – I have kept pushing this back because it was never the right time.  If not now, it may never happen.
  • Get back down to 185 pounds and stay there – Three years ago I started a physical transformation and lost almost 60 pounds.  At my lightest, I was creeping towards 170.  More importantly, I vowed to never get over 200 again.  Over the course of the last year, I slowly started to gain weight.  It finally caught up to me and it’s time to reverse that trend.  This particular one includes eating something for every meal and tracking what it is that I am eating and how I am exercising.
  • Donate to at least $25 to non-profit groups 1x a month – I have always donated to my various alma maters and random non-profits.  I am committing to donating to a new non-profit each month throughout this year.  Some groups already in the queue: Human Rights Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union, Circle of Sisterhood, NAACP, and Police Athletic League.  It is time to put my money behind organizations that support my beliefs.
  • Reduce debt by at least 1/3 and hopefully 1/2 – This is probably going to be the most difficult one to accomplish.  The sheer volume of my debt lies in student loans and it is beyond time to get this under control.  If all goes as planned I can make a significant dent in this area.  I have already started to identify expenditures that I can reduce or remove and started to take action.  Once I get into a rhythm with this it should be fine.
  • Post a blog entry at least every 2 weeks – As stated in the opening of this post, I have good intentions every year.  This time, it will hopefully be different.  This may be cheating, but one out of every four will be an update on my resolutions/goals.

The task is to stay on top of these items.  It is about prioritizing my time and decisions.  If you will notice that word “time” pops up in every resolution/goal.  We have a finite amount of time.  How we decide to use it is up to us.  Above are some of the ways that I will use mine in 2017.


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