Pursuit of More…

I feel I am in a state of stagnation.  A recent leveling off in different aspects of my life.  I am searching for more.  I want to create but keep hitting roadblocks along the way.

Roadblock #1 – Is it worthwhile to pursue?

Roadblock #2 – If I create, who actually cares?

Roadblock #3 – WHY?

I am restless.  I yearn for more.  I can feel my happiness being inhibited.  Am I not asking the right questions?  Is it right in front of me and I am just not seeing it?  I do not know.

What is the next step?  What is the answer?  Where do I go from here?  Will I ever know if I am on the right track?

I have a lot to think about and reflect on.  Decisions need to be made.  Given the context and situation, will my choices be the correct ones?  I guess I will find out soon enough.


About Justin Sipes

Learner Input Strategic Achiever Analytical
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