Halloween Horror Movie Month (Year 5)


Bruce Campbell as Ash from Evil Dead Series

This marks the fifth year of my journey into the realm of the horror movie genre. For the month of October, I do my best to average one movie a day that is supposedly scary. The years have taken me through some classics, cult favorites, recent schlock, monsters, vampires, zombies, hauntings, psychos, with a little bit of everything in between and beyond. To think when I was younger, I was so scared of these movies that I couldn’t even watch the previews on television commercials.

Welp, this year is no different. I decided to kick things off with the new Evil Dead movie and will wrap things up on Halloween with a marathon of the original Evil Dead series. I felt this would be a nice way to bookend the month.

In the meantime, I will be watching a mixture of DVDs and streaming content courtesy of Netflix and attempting to not revisit anything from the past. A bonus this year comes with television series dipping into this realm a bit more so I will be interspersing movies with season 3 of The Walking Dead. If only American Horror Story: Asylum would get picked up by Netflix, then I would be extremely happy!

Alas, I have plenty of movies lined up and am hoping to get to some that I have had on my radar for a while and just never got around to watching. This month is always an exciting adventure into film, and I am looking forward to another rousing month of shocks, frights, and dyed corn syrup.

For updates on my watching, you can search #HHMM13 on Twitter or check back here as I will add periodic reviews on what I have been watching.


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