Privilege, Power, and Difference

I have been reading Privilege, Power, and Difference Second Edition by Allan G. Johnson, Ph.D. I am about half way through and here are some of a few of the more pertinent quotes and ideas that I have pulled from my readings so far.

Invariably, the attention goes to a few misbehaving individuals, in the belief that getting rid of or fixing them or learning how to spot them before they do something wrong is enough to take care of the problem. (p. 63-4)

Sounds quite similar to how many membership reviews are approached in fraternity and sorority life.  Just saying.

Dominant groups don’t see privilege as a problem…

  1. Because they don’t know exists in the first place.
  2. Because they don’t have to.
  3. Because they think it’s just a personal problem.
  4. Because they want to hang on to their privilege.
  5. Because they’re prejudiced – racist, sexist, heterosexist, ableist, classist.
  6. Because they are afraid. (p. 69-71)

Dr. Johnson then explains why Hindus worship cows (p. 74) which is an amazing analogy.

Individualistic thinking also makes us blind to the very existence of privilege, because privilege, by definition, has nothing to do with individuals, only with the social categories we wind up in. (p. 77)

I am really looking forward to tackling the rest.


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