Busy, busy, busy…

Week 1 of being the sole professional in the office has been completed, as my supervisor is officially on maternity leave. A quick recap of the events:

  • Well versed in Student Life & Services Fee payment process and paperwork.
  • Spent 6 hours reviewing an account and trying to track payments for the past year.
  • Had some interesting conversations.
  • Received some fantastic feedback from students and staff members.
  • Worked A LOT of hours.
  • Took some time to do some volunteer work.
  • All buildings are still standing.
  • Need to help students with some policy review and development.
  • Got a free lunch and dinner.

Things I get to look forward to:

  • Lots of budget-related planning and program development.
  • Auditing some more accounts.
  • Developing and finalizing marketing materials.
  • Supporting councils in their marketing development and public relations plans.
  • FS Village conversations, further financial modeling, and chapter presentations.
  • Divisional pro. dev. committee work.
  • Intro to HiEd course development.
  • Volunteering THE PLAYERS Championship Golf Tournament

That’s just work-related tasks.  Florida state division of ACPA is awaiting final approval from the ACPA Governing Board, along with CSI Advance and tech stuff, plus attending #WFLNCGLC in a couple weeks, and AFA Florida Drive-In in May.

Busy, busy, busy.  Excited about everything happening and on the horizon.


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