Back in May 2012, I made a conscious decision to stop drinking.  I have had a couple of drinks since then in different settings (3 times to be exact), but for the most have been living a sober lifestyle.  These are some of my observations over this period of time:

  • A vast majority of the “free-time” activity of my age group (let’s say 25-32) revolves around alcohol.  Not that we are in a constant drunken state, but the decision to do something typically is determined as to whether alcohol can be incorporated.
  • Alcohol can pretty much be incorporated into anything.
  • At first, I was worried as to how others would react to my sobriety.  This was by far my biggest fear.  It would definitely be a change for my friends from home, whom I had not seen since the previous holiday season.  All were initially shocked but ultimately supportive of my decision.
  • I have saved A LOT of money.
  • It was a lot easier to dance, sing, and generally make an ass of myself in public when I was drinking.  I am much more self-conscious in my sober state. Probably a good thing for me.  Definitely less entertaining for those around me.
  • It is nice to be able to leave at the end of the night, whenever I want, and not have to worry about driving.  I really don’t mind being the designated driver because I know it is keeping others from doing something stupid.
  • I am the “Pagemaster” when going out with friends.  While they forget parts of the story/evening, I am there to fill in the gaps and remind them of all the details that many times they wish they could forget.

A lot of the questions I got from my friends revolved around the timeline of my sobriety.  They were wondering if this is something that would continue in perpetuity or was a temporary decision.  I am not quite sure how long this will go.  I am happy with the decision that I have made.  I feel healthier.  My wallet is heavier.  I remember much more.  All around a great decision for me.


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One Response to Sobriety…

  1. C.J. says:

    That’s what’s up! I may get there one day…after the wedding and honeymoon of course.

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