Change Agent…

This phrase has been thrown around a lot recently by professionals in higher education. A lot of people are putting it in their social media profiles. That’s cool and all but here is my take on those two words.

If you are doing it, then you do not need to publicly state it. It will be evident in the work that you do. It’s not necessary to explain to people that you are an agent of change.  They will realize that through their interactions with you or their observation of your work.

Putting words in a profile does not necessarily make them true. Follow the Nike motto, JUST DO IT.


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One Response to Nike…

  1. C.J. says:

    I think there are several skills (e.g. Interpersonal Skills, Organizational Skills, Time Management, etc.) that shouldn’t be have to be communicated on a resume. They will know from their interactions with you and that doesn’t make an employer (or at least me) believe you have those skills.

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