I am working on adopting a “publish every Thursday morning before work” mentality for this here blog.  I want to write more regularly as I often have lots of ideas swimming around in my head but rarely make the time to put those thoughts down in some tangible form.  I am hoping that a routinized schedule will help with the process, and I am trying to be much better about jotting down ideas to expand upon later.

It is odd how I can have a bunch of topics that I want to write about or comment on and then when it gets to the time to actually write nothing comes out.  Funny how that works.  In the heat of the moment, a great post practically writes itself in your head, however, when a free moment presents itself a collection of gibberish and asdfkal;hs fweiofq vklndal ends up on the screen.

Part of what I struggle with is the overall direction and theme of the blog.  One can easily see that it is a miss mash of personal stream of consciousness, critiques/commentaries about higher education, and random attempts to stay on a regular posting schedule.  It will probably continue this way as I like to write about what is resonating with me at that particular time.

So be on the lookout every Thursday morning morning-ish for some new content.  I promise swear hope.


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One Response to Writing…

  1. C.J. says:

    Exactly why I haven’t started a blog. I always have cool things swirling around in my head, but then when I attempt to share them with the world through writing………..Well, you get the point.

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