AFLV LeaderShape – Beta Session – Day 0

I am sitting in the Kansas City, MO airport anxiously waiting for my upcoming week.  Fortunately, this is my fourth time being a part of The LeaderShape Institute (Participant – ’06; Program & On-Site Coordinator – ’10; Cluster Facilitator – ’11; Cluster Facilitator – ’12).  I’m really looking forward to this session as I will be working with fraternity/sorority students and professionals from across the US (maybe even some friends from the Great White North).  Not to mention I will be visiting a new school (University of Kansas) and get to stay in a fraternity house again (Phi Kappa Psi).  It is a unique opportunity to interact with a program like LeaderShape and an organization like AFLV.  Both organizations are extremely supportive of undergraduate students and provide numerous opportunities and resources to assist students in their leadership development.

I’m anticipating a week of challenging conversations, team bonding, some intense visioning, values-based discussions, lots of learning, and most importantly fun.  After being unemployed for the last few weeks, I am extremely excited to be back in an educational environment and working with students and colleagues to help advance the missions of higher education, fraternity & sorority life, and LeaderShape.

Coincidentally, it seems every time I am doing something affiliated with LeaderShape there is a looming question around employment.  My first time at LeaderShape was when I decided to go into student affairs.  My next time, I was weighing whether to accept on offer to move to California and my first professional position out of graduate school (which I accepted).  The next time, my partner was weighing her decision to take her dream job (all the way across the country) and ultimately, she decided to take it.  Finally, I just finished up an on-campus interview this past Thursday (July 12) and I am supposed to hear something on Tuesday or Wednesday (July 17 or 18) of this upcoming week.  We’ll see if LeaderShape is my good luck charm when it comes to making employment-related life decisions.

But enough of that.  Mostly, I cannot wait to meet all the participants, my family cluster, the leads, the on-site coordinators, and my fellow cluster facilitators.  LeaderShape is one of the few times my “I” goes into hibernation and my “E” is out in full force.  It will be a much welcomed change after weeks of packing, moving, applying, interviewing, and catching up on TV.


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