Ellipses Are Magical…

One day I was asked as to why I use ellipses so much when use social media (gchat, twitter, facebook, google+, blog posts, and so forth).  It is something that started when AIM was the fancy, shiny new toy in the toy box.  I ended every statement with a simple “…”  I still end each of my blog post titles with them.

Maybe it drives/drove people crazy…  I have seen some people adopt it over time…  I like using ellipses…  They have multiple roles…  It could mean that I have more to say…  It could mean that my thoughts have trailed off…  It could mean that I walked away…  It is something that has just stuck with me over time…  Twelve years later, ellipses are still here with me and probably will always be…


About Justin Sipes

Learner Input Strategic Achiever Analytical
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