BR 3 – The Mockingjay

What a disappointment!!  I cannot believe that this was the conclusion to the series.  I felt totally disconnected from the characters.  The plot was frustrating.  My ire grew at the decisions Katniss made.  The conclusion was terrible.  The suspense that Suzanne Collins was able to generate in the first two novels was clearly missing in this one.  I did not feel that there was that twist or turn that existed in the first two books of the series.

I don’t want to give anything away.  You will have to read it yourself to understand what I am writing about.  I felt shortchanged.  I devoured the first two books only to be utterly underwhelmed by the final novel.  The pace was slow.  It was just poorly thought out and seemed to be thrown together haphazardly.

Characters were killed off left and right with such ease.  This was probably one of the more frustrating aspects of the novel.  Collins did such a great job to have us care about the characters in the book and then just dispatched people with a simple tap, tap, tap on her keyboard (I am assuming she typed it out).  I am not saying each death needs to be portrayed as Rue’s death in The Hunger Games, but there could have been a little more effort exerted by Collins.  In particular, I am alluding to the death of a previous victor during the assault on the capital.  Collins did such a disservice in her depiction of the character’s sacrifice and its impact on the other characters.

The ending was just turrible.  That’s right, it’s so bad it gets the Charles Barkley version of the word.  Again, it felt rushed.  There was no real explanation as to the character’s motives and next thing you know we are transported to the future with no real idea of how actions have impacted others and the landscape of the world Collins painstakingly created in the first two books.

What is disappointing is I feel that even with my issues with The Mockingjay I know it has the potential to be the best movie of the three.  The reason I say that is because I know it will be the least like the novel.  I am sure whoever is tapped to direct this movie will fight with the studio and producers to fill in some of the gaps and expound upon the framework Collins provided.  If the next two movies are as popular, I am guessing the studio will be salivating on how to establish more movies from the world of Panem, including sequels and prequels about previous games and its characters (I fully endorse a movie focused on Haymitch’s life).  There is a treasure trove of material that studios will exploit until it jumps the shark Batman Forever style and then we are rebooting the series from the beginning.


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