BR2 – Catching Fire…

Book review numero dos.  I told you before that I was locked into this series after book 1, so here we are again.  I pretty much devoured this book in a day.  The second novel of the The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, helps progress the story along and provides the foreshadowing of the impending revolution.  There is more into the relationships between Katniss, Petra, and Gale.  Another appearance at the capital for the Quarter Quell and the 75th anniversary of the games.  Some important and interesting twists.

This book continued the intermingled relationships of the various characters.  It introduced some more important figures and strengthened the character development of previous characters.  There was more insight to character motivations and the tyranny President Snow has held over Panem.  The book clearly established the third novel would be about the revolution and the confrontation with President Snow.  Another strong effort by Suzanne Collins.  It will be interesting to see the adaptation of this novel on the big screen.

I launched right into The Mockingjay after reading Catching Fire to see what happened next.  So be ready…


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