It’s been over a month since my last post…  Funny thing is that I had a really odd spike on my reads about a week ago.  Not sure why, but it was my second highest amount of reads in one day.  But that’s not the point of this.

It’s not intentional that I’ve had a long absence from here.  I’ve just been really busy with work and honestly have not been motivated to write.  I have had stuff to write about.  I just haven’t had the spark to actually write.  My reading has decreased drastically, which is typically my impetus to write.  Even my most recent post was just taking information from a presentation I did and posting it.

My theory on this is my own personal stress.  Knowing that I am moving in less than six weeks to Tampa is frightening.  I want to be there.  There are just a lot of questions that still need to be answered in the meantime.  I am not sure what I am going to bring with me or how I am going to move my stuff.  I know that I am going to drive across the country.  I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO PACKING AND MOVING, AGAIN, FOR THE NINTH TIME IN EIGHT YEARS.

I guess the biggest piece it moving and knowing that I do not have a job at this point.  My current job has its faults, but it is still a job nonetheless, and one that I do enjoy.  I enjoy working with the people that I do and I have some fantastic students.  It is the fear of the unknown that is gripping me.  It’s the “What if I don’t find a job?” question that is really looming.

Deep down, I know that something will work out.  Something will eventually come along. My main goal is to stay in higher education.  I am comfortable with moving to a new functional area and I look forward to a new and exciting challenge.  I would even be comfortable in doing something temporarily for a bit until I can find something more permanent.

I guess what I am looking forward to with my professional transition is that it will force me to be more of a generalist.  More than likely, it will allow me to explore a new functional area.  For the past four years, I have been working with fraternal organizations.  I like the work that I do, however, I would also welcome a change.  Something different.  Something new.

We will see where things take me.  I have an interview in Tampa next week for an academic advisor position.  It would be quite different from what I currently do.  It would provide me the opportunity to see an institution from a different perspective.  To learn more about a university and its various intricacies.  To see the other side of the house and use my knowledge base to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will help aid students apply what they are learning in the the classroom.  Perhaps, I should save that for the interview.

Until next time…


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