A Caveman in a Digital World*

This is more of a reflection to a reflection than anything else.  The recent post in the acpa unconference blog, Tweeting at ACPA Doesn’t Have to Be “Live”, is the impetus for my thoughts.  I LOVE technology.  I LOVE social media.  I am still using archaic devices to navigate these areas which makes life more difficult.

My primary phone is a BlackBerry Curve.  I don’t own an iPad.  I just got my first iPod this past September and it is a Shuffle.  I do own a ChromeBook, which I absolutely love, but is almost completely useless without WiFi connectivity.  And I have not seen too many people using them despite price drops and Google’s partnership with Virgin Airlines.

I am cautious when new technology emerges.  You will never see me waiting outside over night for a new product launch.  You won’t catch me slobbering over an upgraded version of hardware a year after I just purchased the previous one.  One, I cannot afford it.  Two, I would rather wait.  Ultimately, I never end up purchasing any of these new toys.

What does this mean for conferences?  I love Twitter.  I love tweeting, especially at conferences.  The problem is my BB Curve suffers.  It seems at least once a conference my phone bricks.  This means a never ending spinning clock, shutting it down, pulling out the battery, and restarting it.  That’s if I can even connect to Twitter because of the “black hole of cell service” that are conference centers and hotel conference rooms.  That is not how I would like to spend my time at a conference.  I hardly have any apps on my phone because of this problem.  I have gone minimal to try and limit this problem, but it still persists.

I am excited to hear about the Reflection Stations that will be available, especially for sessions in the Convention Center, so I can avoid purchasing the WiFi service for $13.00 a day.  And I think Kathy’s post is spot on.  Sharing is what is most important.  Just do it, at some point and time.

I do envy my technophile friends with their fancy hardware.  I would love to be asking questions about what apps should I download/purchase for my iPad in order to take the best notes.  I want to be tweeting live from sessions.  I LOVE technology.  I LOVE social media.  Alas, I am still a caveman in a digital world.

*Originally posted at ACPA UNCONFERENCE blog with the same title.*


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