Truly Blessed…

I am Roman Catholic by nature.  Raised and believe in the teachings of the church.  I have had my “doubts of faith.”  I do not practice as a conventional Catholic and I am okay with that.  I do no attend mass every Sunday.  I do not pray to God everyday.  I have grown to understand my faith and religion in a different way.

As I have grown older and developed various relationships in my lifetime, I have to say that I am truly blessed.  I have been fortunate to meet the people that I have met.  I am happy that I have had the opportunities that I have had.  I really am amazed by how lucky I have been.  There are so many people who have been influential to me in my journey.  For many of them, I have not expressed this sentiment.  So here is a list of those who have impacted me in different ways:

  • My family – Dad, Mama Dukes, Jon, Nick, Mandy, Livi, Ryan, Ethan
  • BG Crew – Tabs, Sanks, C.J., Jeff, Jeremy, Ryan, Michelle, Stepf, DTD, Jeannette
  • Mentors – DAN T. – There is absolutely no way I would be where I am right now if not for him.
  • SSU – Hammes, Jodi, Bruce, HMH, ED, all my students (especially the CSLIS student assistants – Kaitlin, Emch, Riley, JP, Anthony, and Tara)
  • Lambda Chi’s – Reusing(s), Mikey B., Matty J., Dustin, Greg
  • Alison Mathe – You get your own category because of how special you are to me.

All of these individuals (plus many more) have played a key role in my life whether they know it or not.  I am happy to have been a part of their lives in some way because of how much they have contributed to me.


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One Response to Truly Blessed…

  1. C.J. Mathis says:

    Thanks, Justin. You’ve been just as much of a blessing in my and others life. Keep being you!

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