Why You May Want to Start Cultivating Your Google+ Account.

Google has been in the news quite a bit recently because of its stance against SOPA/PIPA, its new privacy policy, and “Search Plus Your World.”  SOPA/PIPA are flatlining and hopefully will not recover.  The privacy policy was pretty much happening already and Google decided to make it public with its intentions.  Plus, it will allow Google to integrate more of its features into Google+, but that is another topic for another time.  “Search Plus Your World” will have a lasting and interesting affect.  Twitter and Facebook are fighting it tooth and nail, mainly because of how search results are now published.

If you own a Google+ account, then you might want to start doing something with it.  Now when you do a search of your own name in Google.  The first result you find could very well be your Google+ page, even though it is the social medium that you use least.  There is a whole lot of technical jargon as to how and why this happens with Google’s newer algorithm.  Previously, Google and Twitter had a relationship that incorporated Twitter into its algorithm better.  That relationship has ended and like jilted lovers, each blames the other.

Blah, blah, blah… What does this mean for you?  Well, it is job search season in higher education and what is the most popular search engine in the world?  That’s right.  It is Google.  What Google doesn’t mention to you is that it aggregates information into Google+ from its other platforms.  Do you have a Picasa account or have a blog through Blogger?  Guess what.  Those photos are a part of your Google+ account.  Guess what the default is for photos on Google+.  That’s right.  It is Public.

Okay, so you cleaned up the photos.  But why should you care about cultivating the actual Google+ account?  Google Chrome is becoming more popular as a browser and it is how Google is working to integrate Google+ into the mainstream.  Previously, when I would type my name into a Google search, I got information about a motocross professional with a nickname of “Pooh.”  Now, because I use Google Chrome and am always linked into Google through “The Black Bar,” my Google+ profile pops up along with posts on my page.  Even though I use Twitter much, much more.  My Twitter profile is the fifth or sixth item down.  Before my Twitter information pops up, you can see some of my Google+ posts.  Granted most of them are just links and thoughts from articles as I find this the best use of Google+ right now as it is still young in its adoption.

So, what is that I am really saying?  I guess you should actually look into Google+ if you use any Google services.  My guess is that soon enough most of the Google offerings will be integrated into Google+ as Google pushes to one platform.  Ultimately, you may not have a choice.  But don’t worry, because it will be an amazing choice.  Even in its infancy, Google+ has tons to offer and keeps rolling out more on a regular basis.  Plus, it is still lonely out here in Google+ land and I wouldn’t mind interacting with other people. 


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3 Responses to Why You May Want to Start Cultivating Your Google+ Account.

  1. C.J. Mathis says:

    I really want to be a part, but it is just so scarce. I don’t feel like I get much interaction there. I’ll keep trying though…every now and again.

  2. Great thinking here Justin. I admit I have been avoiding G+ because it is just one more item to maintain. You are making me rethink that. 🙂

  3. jusip001 says:

    C.J. – I struggle too. Instead of waiting for it to happen to me, I am trying to make it happen. I have been encouraging more people to try Hangouts, posting when I find interesting things, and tightening up Circles. It will pick up.

    Jeannette – I saw you post recently, which is nice. I have been working on deciding what social networks to keep and maintain. I am going to get rid of LinkedIn and my personal Facebook account. Like you said, there is just too much to keep track of. I find value in other sources, so I will continue to invest my time in them with Google+ being one that I really want to focus on.

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