Purpose in Life…

I have been doing a lot of learning recently.  I found out that I can download and listen to podcasts on my cell phone.  Yes, even blackberry’s have this technology (no thanks to RIM).  I have also been walking to work everyday, so when you put these things together, I have been listening to a LOT of podcasts.  I subscribe to some sports shows: Pardon the Interruption (PTI), Around the Horn (ATH), and The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons.  I also follow an amazing tech show, This Week in Google (TWiG).  I am a googlite, so I need to keep up with everything happening in the Google world.  Lastly, I subscribe to Big Ideas and TEDTalks.  These last two are what has prompted this post.

I have been listening to some amazing people talk about amazing things and what has piqued my curiosity the most are recent podcasts that have addressed immortality.  The notion of immortality is interesting to me.  I am not sure why humans are obsessed with living forever or not dying.  I am not saying that I want to die tomorrow, but I also know that at some point it is time for me to go.  Death is an inevitability, but for some reason people want to prolong their life indefinitely and avoid death altogether.

Listening to these podcasts, it made me start thinking about purpose in life.  I thought about this more and more and recently came to a conclusion while listening to an episode of TWiG.  My purpose is to consume.  I am a consumer of information.  I devour information.  Think about it.  Everyday you are taking in billions of pieces of information.  Technology has made it so much easier to access.

It is constantly at our fingertips, in front of our faces, and in our ears.  You saw the number of podcasts I subscribe to.  I also watch information from This Week in Technology (TWiT) and certain TED lectures on my television through my Roku.  I subscribe to over 25 blogs/websites with regular content (and an additional 25 of irregular content posting) through my RSS.  I am glancing through upwards of 200 posts to these feeds everyday.  This doesn’t include Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds.

I am connected to these things on an almost 24 hour basis.  From the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, all I am doing is constantly consuming information.  I am okay with this.  Others may not be.  I am comfortable with being a conduit of content.  I love learning more.  To see things from different perspectives and incorporate them into my personal viewpoints.  And in my opinion, this is where a distinction is made.  I am not just a vessel of information but a processor as well.  And I believe there needs to be more of this in the world.  To take in massive quantities of information and look at it analytically to help improve decisions and create new possibilities.  This is how I see my purpose in life.

I encourage others to think about their own purpose in life.  To reflect on what their life means to them and share that with others.  If I had to choose a word for 2012, it would be DEVOUR.  I want to take in as much information as I can.  I want to grow my knowledge and skill bases in both my professional and personal life.  I feel my word for 2012 is reflective of my purpose.  What is your purpose?


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