Resolutions: The 2012 Version

So I just reviewed my resolutions for last year and have some mixed feelings.  I had 4 resolutions that can be found here:

  • Read More than Tim Cowlishaw – I took care of the first one easily.  TC got nothing on me.  A lot of people are active in the #52in52 challenge.  I am happy with my reading output this past year and looking to move that up to 30 this year.  Nothing too drastic and still reasonable.  Plus, I realize that I just got a subscription to Wired, having been listening to podcasts a lot more recently, and am looking to take a couple of OpenCourse classes this semester.  So with all that being said, I would be thrilled to knock out 30 books this year.
  • Take Care of Myself – I completed this one somewhat.  I did not recapture my faith, but I did attend midnight mass this past holiday season.  I do not know if that helped reconnect me.  I just have some strong philosophical disagreements with the Catholic church and their antiquated thought-processes.  I have been doing great when you consider taking care of myself when talking about weight.  Since last May, I lost over 30 pounds.  This all happened mainly because of changing my eating habits and diet.  I still eat.  I just eat differently and cut out a lot of the sweets and fatty foods that were my go to snacks.  Fresh fruit and vegetables, better portion sizes, and lots and lots of raw almonds.  I walk everywhere including work and will continue to do so as much as possible.  I am just looking to add some regular workouts into this and everything will keep on keeping on.
  • Be a Better Manager – I sorta fell off the wagon with this one.  Last semester was all about maintaining status quo with the situation which made everything tough to focus on being a better manager.  This fall did not go as well either.  We will see what this spring will bring.
  • DO THIS MORE… – I am a little ashamed about how poorly this went.  But oh well.  It is a new year!! 😉

Until next time…



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One Response to Resolutions: The 2012 Version

  1. C.J. Mathis says:

    Just want you to know I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts! And I’m not into blogs much. So please, keep me entertained!!!

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