How to Humble Yourself with Technology in less than Two Minutes

So today I pretty much wrecked my office’s website.  That’s right it looks like shit.  Luckily all of the content is still there, but I totally ruined the formatting for the site.   Let me take you through my nightmare of a day.

I have been working with website stuff all year, but basically just messing with the content of our various webpages.  We use adobe dreamweaver css for our website editing and I relatively decent knowledge of html.  I have been working on another website recently and that is when I stumbled across twitter widgets.  For those of you who do not know, offers resources that you can add to websites/blogs.  I was trying to add a twitter widget to my non-office website and eventually decided to just add buttons to our twitter site instead.  The widget just was not working and I gave up.

Today, I was doing some updating to my office website and figured that I would try the twitter widget again.  I initially decided to add the widget to the floating nav bars on the right-hand side of our site.  Lo and behold, it actually worked.  With my inflated ego, I decided that I wanted to move the widget to the left nav bar instead because it made the site look cleaner.  I inserted the widget code into the specific file on dreamweaver and got a gigantic mess.  For some reason, all of the page content shifted to the left nav bar.  I went back into the code to try and figure out what I did wrong.  I checked the code using dreamweaver and everything was accurate.

I was completely lost.  Being a typical man, instead of admitting that I screwed up, I decided that I could fix the problem and just continued to make things worse.  I eventually removed the widget code altogether and then realized that my problem did not go away.  The content of the webpages was still distorted.  All of the content is still present and accurate, but it looks TERRIBLE.  This was perfect timing on my part considering that our campus just opened for Panhellenic extension and that orientation starts in about two weeks.  It was a stellar performance on my part.

I contacted our web developer for campus and explained what I thought went wrong.  My conclusion was that when I inserted the new code, I messed up the css code that was on the site.  Then when I erased the widget code, I still had the problem with the css code.  I do not know enough about css coding to look at it and determine where I might have screwed things up.  My plan is to send the coding through my fraternity active/alum listproc tomorrow.  I am fortunate to have a lot of fraternity members who are quite good in the area of coding and website design.  Hopefully, some one can provide me with a quick fix.

And at the end of the day, my hubris got the best of me.  I thought I was better than I really was and then look what happened.  Website is jacked up.  No solution in the near future.  Horrible timing to trash our site.  Pretty much a bad day.  Me completely humbled by technology with a simple copy, paste, save, and put.  CTL+C, CTL+V, CTL+S, and CTL+ALT+U.  That was all it took.

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