Some Quick Updates…

I realized I have been writing about things that have been occurring and neglecting to provide some closure.  So this post is all about updates from previous posts.

  • Assessment – I am not getting my position changed, but it looks like we are moving forward with an assessment plan based on my recommendations.  I am just glad to see that we are heading in the right direction.  I am still pushing for division-wide assessment, but this is a start that I can live with.  There is now a committee that has formed and we are starting the mapping process at a committee meeting next week.
  • Elections – We had the most successful election process in school history.  3016 students voted, which is almost 38% of the student population.  Compared to other CSU’s, we had turnouts far above their percentages.  The student fee referendum also passed, so a new student center will be on the horizon.
  • Reading – I am almost already done my 20 book challenge, mostly because of James Patterson’s books about Alex Cross.  I have read all of the Alex Cross novels from the beginning and am currently on Double Cross.  With only four more, including the current novel remaining, I am going to need something else to read.  I have one other series I am ready to read and a couple books that I have been putting off.
  • Consulting – No formal gigs just yet.  I will find out later this week about being a cluster facilitator for an area-wide LeaderShape session.  There might be an opportunity at USF next year to do some presenting, so we will see where that goes.
Some other random notes.  It is Greek Week and Greek Olympics on my campus, along with student organization chartering and 100 other things.  It is a stressful time of year.  Everyone else is winding down and I still have another 4 weeks to go until the home stretch.  It is going to be a long 4 weeks.  I will be looking for another break soon.
I hope to crank out some more posts over the next few days.  Mainly about my time at wflncglc, some more on acpa, and just conferencing in general.
Until next time…

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